Twitter Asks: Who Would Win in an UFC Fight: Justin Bieber or Tom Cruise?

Justin Bieber actually challenged Tom Cruise to a fight for the whole world to see. Celebrity Death Match might actually come to fruition.

Naturally, our Twitter Asks question of the week is who would win the fight? Can the 25-year old pop singer pull off the upset over the 56 year-old action movie star? Here’s our tale of the tape:

My initial thought was that the Bieb’s youth and length would be too much for Cruise. Ever since he grew out of his teenage heart-throb phase, I think he’s actually gained some muscle and maybe even some toughness.

Admittedly, I’m not much of a Tom Cruise fan. I’ve seen like one Mission Impossible and have never cared to see another one of his movies. He’s always in these action roles but I just can’t picture him as a badass even though that’s basically all he plays. As this hypothetical fight has spread, I’ve heard from many sources that he does all of his own stunts and is in crazy good shape from starring in all these action movies. That definitely gives him a leg up.

We also have to factor in the type of fight we’re talking about. Boxing and MMA are obviously very different, given that Beiber tagged UFC President Dana White, I’m gonna go ahead and say this fight is going down in the octagon where almost anything goes.

Because of the grittiness required to win in an UFC fight, I have Tom Cruise winning this one easily. I think Bieber would have a slight edge when they’re on their feet being younger, longer, and more agile, but Cruise would get him down and there’s no way Biebs would ever get back up. I think Cruise is gritty and muster up all that short-man frustration to finish the fight.

Tom Cruise in under 2 minutes.



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