We Attempted To Set A Guinness World Record In Schenectady

Yesterday we set out to Mohawk Harbor to attempt a new Guinness World Record: the most people wearing swim caps at once.

I’ve owned a couple Guinness World Record books throughout my life and I’ve always wanted to be a part of one so I knew this was my chance. Instead of growing my nails for 57 years or eating 10,000 donuts in a week, I decided this was the path of least resistance to be inked in the 2020 edition.

The event was to benefit the Autism Society of the GCR and the Adirondack Aquatic Center. It took me a few interviews to figure out the correlation between the organizations and why we were racing ducks and wearing swim caps, but it all came together in the end….

The leading cause of death for those with disabilities is drowning, so the new AAC facility coming to Schenectady is going to be pivotal for training those who need swim lessons so we can prevent that from ever happening again. I might have to wait until 2021 for my debut in the Guinness Book of World Records, but as long as we raised the money needed to build the AAC and help those who need it most, I’d say we’re all winners. 



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