Ten Questions Deep with Darren and Chris from Hank Hudson Brewing Co.

On the latest episode of Ten Questions Deep, we ventured out to the Fairways of Halfmoon (which is really in Mechanicville, but NBD) to talk to Darren and Chris from Hank Hudson Brewing. In typical 2BD fashion, I can’t really say I did much interview prep aside from picking out my outfit from ZARA at Crossgates Mall, but I figured since these guys brew beer as a side gig, they’re probably pretty familiar with going a couple buttons deep themselves.

To say I was blown away by the interior of the brew-pub would be a total understatement; this place is an HGTV lover’s dream! It’s rustic, industrial, and brand spankin’ new. And aside from being super aesthetically pleasing on the inside, the building sits in position to have a perfect view (and an even better glass garage door) that looks out onto the golf course with plenty of outdoor seating to enjoy golf the real way –by sitting on the sidelines and sipping on some delicious craft beer.

These guys were humble AF about how good their beer tastes and how unique the experience is at Hank Hudson –it’s not their full-time job, and not even a crazy intense passion of theirs, but damn they’re good at it.They’re just two teachers-turned-besties who decided to play around and make beer in the basement of a golf course and now have created an awesome selection of craft beer with fun branding that tells a story.

Check out the latest episode of Ten Questions Deep below and stay tuned for more right here on Two Buttons Deep. And PS: Thanks to Crossgates Mall and ZARA for keeping me styling during these shows, and of course to my main glam girl Alex at Alexandria’s Beauty Salon for giving me my Kristin Cavallari hair.



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