10 Questions Deep with Travie McCoy

I’m Sureet, intern for Two Buttons Deep & just the city of Troy’s intern in general. I got the call to fill in for Taylor for 2BD’s interview show Ten Questions Deep, and after completing it I wouldn’t say I’m Letterman or anything, but I did do a great job interviewing Travie McCoy.

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To be honest I haven’t heard his name in awhile before Jack and our friends at KISS 102.3 brought him up to me with a grand 20 minutes to prepare to sit down with him. Granted I used to bump Gym Class Heroes back in the radio days, and obviously we all know the words to “Billionaire” ft. Bruno Mars, it was still up in the air on how this could have went.

Turns out Travie is an upstate native; so much so that he has “Upstate New York” tattooed on his chest!  Definitely a character, the kind of guy where it seemed like we’ve been friends for awhile and even at the end of the interview he demanded a hug. Which I totally wouldn’t expect from a rapper, but will from here on out. 

There’s one particular question that I still laugh at and it involves cheese; you’ll know what I’m talking about when you watch the interview. The level of detail to which Travie responded with when I asked him this question made me think he was preparing for a response for like a week. But he didn’t, this whole thing was off the top of the head which is what makes him so fun. I couldn’t have had a more seamless first interview for my debut on Two Buttons Deep, who knows maybe the intern might be good at this.






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