I Went Ten (Really Quick) Questions Deep with Madison Vandenburg

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We’re finding out quickly here at Two Buttons Deep that when you get a chance to talk to actually talented and famous people, there’s not a ton of time to spend messing around and being our silly, somewhat unpolished and last-minute selves. Luckily, Madison Vandenburg already got a taste of the 2BD way when we did an ice cream review with her right before her stellar run on American Idol started to air on national television, so she gets it.

And even though Madison didn’t win American Idol like I predicted, she made a hell of a run, and now she’s enjoying being back in the Capital Region for the time being and preparing for her next big thing. And her immediate next big thing is a concert coming up Friday, June 28 at the freakin’ Times Union Center. This little superstar is going to play one of the Capital Region’s biggest performance venues with one of her childhood friends who just also happens to be a reality singing show superstar, miss Moriah Formica, who appeared on The Voice in 2017. That’s pretty unbelievable, but like also totally believable because they both have the voice of pure ANGELS and are as adorable as they are talented. So, yeah.

Jack and I both had a chance to go Ten (Really Quick) Questions Deep with each of these ladies as to not be disrespectful of their very important time, they had a band practice to get to! But, as you’d expect, we stayed true to ourselves in the process and did not ask the cookie-cutter questions about who their role model is or what this opportunity means to them. Instead, we asked them how many 10-year-olds they think they could fight at once.

Check out our latest 2BD original video below and stay tuned for Jack’s really quick questions with Moriah coming out real soon. (And check out the OG Ten Really Quick Questions Deep with Marc from OAR in the meantime.)



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