Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

Happy Fashion Friday! We’re so excited this series has gained enough popularity to have earned its first official sponsor, ZARA at Crossgates Mall. If you haven’t made the list yet and are wondering where you can go to get some outfits that’ll sure to snag you a spot on the Capital Region’s Best Dressed list, ZARA is the place to go. You’ll have so much to choose from whether your style is casual cool or city chic, and the prices aren’t bad for some super trendy, fast fashion. And better yet, their big sale is happening from now until July 20, so if you want to stock up and shoot your shot this summer, get to Crossgates ASAP.

This week’s list is just the fire flames emoji repeated like 100 times, so I’ll let these fashionable photos speak for themselves and you can enjoy the Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week.

Sean McLaughlin (@seanymclaughlin)

Hot Sean from Barstool Sports has officially made the best dressed list in his very own hometown, the place where having great fashion REALLY counts (as long as you Instagram it). Sean gained quite a reputation down in NYC last summer when he was apparently too good looking to be an intern at Barstool, but he didn’t let that stop him from serving ~*looks*~ all over social media to prove them, well, very right.

If you follow Sean on social media, you’d think kid might actually live at a golf course, so it doesn’t surprise me that some of his best outfits come from a day out on the links. That’s what they call a golf course, right? Yeah, I know sports slang. NBD. Anyway, these white pants that might be a little too tight for the average male are what complete the outfit in this scenario. The entire ensemble has this summer, Kennedy family-esque vibe going on and I am HERE for it.

Karen Tararache (@karentararache)

KAREN! My girl! It was only a matter of time until Karen made the list, and her outfits on her family vacation to Italy have me as excited as your Italian grandmother is when you bring home a dark-haired Italian male to try her famous sauce recipe and get bombarded with questions about when you’re getting married.

I love the mix of bold pattern with even bolder color in this look. But of course she didn’t just stop there –she took this to a completely different level with the slicked back, middle-part bun, some super chic round shades, a red lip AND a killer pair of tortoise earrings. Bravo! Encore!

Carmen Maciariello (@coach_carm)

Late in the week, I got a phone call informing me that the best dressed person in basketball just so happens to hail from the Capital Region. As you can imagine, I was a bit surprised by the boldness of this claim, so I did what all fashionistas would do, which was hop in my car and head to the source to see for myself if such a statement could be true.

And that’s when I met Coach Carm, the men’s basketball coach at Siena College, who was born and raised in good ol’ CP just like us 2BD co-founders. He was hanging out with Kerry Fagan, owner of Mark Thomoas Men’s Apparel and doing some shopping as he prepares for his first season as head coach at Siena. Coach gave me a few fashion tips (like that one of his favorite things about a good suit is that it’s easy to take off –whoa, spicy!) and I have to say his sense of style definitely earned him a starting spot on my fashion roster.

I told you guys this was a fire flames week! Things are heating up this summer on the Best Dressed List, exactly as it should be. So, keep doing your thing and making this a top honor here for all fashion lovers in the Capital Region. Shout out to our sponsor, ZARA at Crossgates Mall for believing in my life mission to make the 518 a more stylish place.



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