I Have a Secret to Tell You About the Most Popular Outfit I Have Ever Worn

I post about fashion like, A LOT. And in being so dedicated to my fashion game, it’s not unusual to get a few nods on the street or ladies (yes, ladies) in my DMs asking me about where I got one outfit or another. That’s not news and it’s not bragging –just facts. If you’re passionate about how you dress, people are going to take notes and feel compelled ask about your ~*inspo*~ so you can inspo them on their next shopping trip. Sorry for sounding so basic.

And so, it doesn’t bother me to tell people where I got something if they ask, A) because I want to help make the Capital Region –no, the world –a more fashionable place, so passing knowledge along will further that mission, and B) I’m a sale shopper and proud of it, which means anything I get for a wicked steal probably isn’t going to be available for the next person to copy anyways. Kidding…kinda.

But every once in a while you have an outfit so good that you contemplate leaving its origins a secret and tricking someone into believing you spent an ungodly amount of money to look that awesome. And that’s where my green skirt-suit comes into the story, because this outfit, above ANY other outfit I’ve ever worn, got what I would call an insane amount of attention on social media last night after wearing it for my interview with Megan Baker and pre-Saratoga shopping trip to Circles.

Plus the typical proud parent comment in there, that never hurts.

Is it from Circles? Is it from ZARA at Crossgates Mall? Is it another fabulous find from Rent the Runway? No, no, and no. I purchased this little number a long, long time ago and never took the tags off until yesterday, when my original outfit for the day did not arrive via UPS on time. I was so desperate to have the actual outfit that I chased a delivery truck down my street (with no luck, obviously, or else this never would’ve happened) and headed back to my closet in a panic to find some sort of acceptable backup.

I was striking out with all my other options and getting extremely tight on time when the neon green blazer caught my eye from the corner of the closet. It was my post-Florida tan and undeniable love for a matching set, combined with the fact that neon colors are FINALLY back in style, that made me decide it was time to take a risk, rip the tags off after nearly five years of just sitting there, and go for the damn look.

I want you guys to know your compliments mean so much more to me knowing what I know, which is that I purchased this suit on sale for less than $10 at Peter Harris Clothes in 2015. It is an unknown, probably-out-of-commission brand called Qmack, and most of you have probably never even heard of the store Peter Harris Clothes before. And yeah, I repeat: I spent less than $10 four and a half years ago on this incredibly trendy (in 2019) suit that blew all of your minds online.

This matching set sat in my closet, unworn and unloved, as I would roll my eyes at it, question such a weird (though very affordable) purchase over and over again, yet I refused to give it up or donate the suit each season when I would  reevaluate my wardrobe and make The Switch. Something told me it was worth holding on to, and WOW I was incredibly right. This is the happy ending this suit deserved, and I thank all of you who showed it some serious love. Now, onto the next sale rack.



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