My Troy Bike Tour on the CDPHP Cycle

I’m one of Troy’s biggest fans, right? Of course I am –that’s not news. But I will say, in most of my experiences in the city, I’ve only been able to #enjoytroy on foot or by car. But now, thanks to CDTA and the CDPHP Cycle bikes, I now have a new way to experience my favorite little downtown, and that’s by renting a cycle after work, hopping on, and cruising wherever I please (or wherever bikes are allowed, I guess).

You might remember last fall when I took the scenic route to Stewart’s on a crisp Sunday afternoon for a chance to win a Miller Lite holiday sweater (which I won, by the way), that I am not the most confident bike rider in the Capital Region. I thought maybe by this spring I’d feel a little better about my biking skills, but even with this sweet helmet from the Troy Innovation Garage and one of my most comfortable pairs of pumps, I still didn’t ride as smoothly as I’d hoped. But that’s not the point, people! It’s about getting out there, enjoying a beautiful day, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells, and most importantly –having yourself a DAY.

It was after 5PM when I took this bike ride, so technically it was time to go a couple buttons deep, but I kept drinking out of the equation solely based on the fact I needed my motor skills to be on point. Plus, there’s plenty to do in Troy if happy hours aren’t your scene, so I hit up Dutch Udder for some ice cream, Plumb Oyster Bar for a few fresh oysters, and ending the evening at Bard and Baker, Troy’s very own board game cafe. Not only did I eat a balanced dinner consisting of ice cream, oysters and bubble tea, but I really got a feel for how bike-friendly the city of Troy is and that you really can go anywhere you want on a CDPHP Cycle.

Am I the next Lance Armstrong? Not a chance, people. But I gotta say, I make biking look (somewhat) easy in a pair of heels, and if you don’t think I make it look easy, then you should just try it for yourself because the entire experience from the first push to the final brake is pretty seamless when you use the app to secure your bike and start riding.

Check out my latest bike ride below, courtesy of our friends at CDTA, and stay tuned for where we’ll go next on our CDPHP Cycles.




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