T-Minus Two Days Until We Go All Buttons Deep at the Track This Summer

By now, I hope you’ve heard the news that the Two Buttons Deep squad –AKA Jack, John and myself, will be hosting a weekly show live from the Saratoga Race Course all summer long. The lovely folks at the Times Union have trusted us with this insanely big opportunity to be a part of all the summer madness in Saratoga, giving us a chance to get the 2BD brand out there to a new audience, and to obviously go a few buttons deep in the process.

This is the first time in our journey where we can officially say it’s not going to be OK to just wing it. Usually, we roll up to events giving very little (or no) notice, take the day by storm and get whatever we can get. We figure out what the story will be in the process, and then hope for something amazing to come out in post-production. (RE: Taylor Does the Troy Turkey Trot, Jack and John Audition for the National Anthem, The Squad Does Barreflow). But this is far too big of a stage to take chances, so we’ve spent all week brainstorming, meeting, planning, drinking Bloody Mary’s (oops, who said that?) and making sure we create a quality product every week that we’re up at the track.

We’re not stupid –we know there are some haters out there who are waiting for us to mess this up somehow. I’d say the support so far has definitely outweighed the negativity, though, so we’re starting out with a lot of eyeballs on this either way. Which hey, we like eyeballs! Our Squadcast is going to be something worth watching. We’ll keep you entertained with some awesome guests, original 2BD video content, IMPECCABLE fashions from Circles and Mark Thomas Men’s Apparel, and of course…just us being the somewhat unruly and unpredictable squad we are. Our banter back and forth is what makes doing the Squadcast so much fun, and to bring that to a live audience who can interact and throw us off our game even more, well that’s just going to be something else.

When you can’t catch us in our broadcasting booth at the track, you can catch us going all buttons deep across the street at The Horseshoe.

So, I have an *idea* of what you can expect to see from us this summer, but in the typical 2BD way, it’s going to evolve and change and leave room for improvisation and going as many buttons deep as we see fit. Will we see you Thursday at Opening Day or on Saturday for the first official track weekend in Saratoga? Hope so! Keep an eye out on social media for some behind-the-scenes, fun new announcements about what’ll be going on, and of course the official show that’ll be coming up after we film every weekend up at the track.



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