Inside the Numbers: Stewart’s Sold 4 MILLION Eggwiches Last Year

Flex on ‘em Gary.

Take a second and just think about the number 4,000,000.

4 Million Eggwiches / 365 days = 10,959 Eggwiches per day

10,959 Eggwiches per day / 338 Stewarts Shops = 32 Eggwiches per day per Stewarts


I’ve forever been a Stewarts guy. Over the last year Gary and I have sparked a friendship bound by deli dogs, peanut pandemonium and of course, eggwiches. I want you all to understand that Stewarts has THE BEST EGGWICHES in the whole damn league. There’s nothing better than going to your local Stewarts, nodding to the boys in the booth, making your way to the Eggwich den, picking out a winner and starting your day with a hearty breakfast. Stewarts remains King, the world spins round.

Me too, Gary. Me too…



How do you feel?

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