Sports Hub Radio – Death of a Chinchilla

John and cohost Ben bring on special guest Ben Fontana, who covers Cleveland sports and was at the All Star festivities. They talk about the Home Run Derby, All Star Game, Cleveland sports and a situation that Fontana found himself in where he was caught in the middle of a twitter war with Darren Rovell and Barstool Sports.

Also on the show, Ben deals with a loss in his family, the guys talk about the US Women’s soccer team and hash out the fair pay debate, discuss more all star festivities,  shoot it about NBA summer league and try to sell some beef jerky.



1:18 Death of a Chinchilla
13:50 Cleveland Reporter Ben Fontana
28:00 Women’s Soccer
42:48 All Star Break
1:06:00 NBA (recorded before Westbrook was traded)



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