The Squadcast – July 14 (Rex Smith, Madison Vandenburg)

The Squadcast is officially back in action. We started this show on the back deck of the Bradley last year and had no idea it would come to fruition like it has…

With a few tweaks, and a little partnership with the Albany Times Union, Two Buttons Deep will now be broadcasting live each and every weekend from the Saratoga Race Course. In the Squadcast, we will be discussing all stuff worth talking about from the Capital Region & beyond, and basically curating all of our original content we have been producing on Two Buttons Deep into one weekly show. Think The Today Show, with late night comedy segments, and our signature 2BD twist, and you have yourself a Squadcast.

squadcast logo 2.png

This episode features 10 Questions Deep with Rex Smith, the Editor on the Times Union where you can get an exclusive look inside the operations of the largest media organization in the Capital Region. We also get to see Madison Vandenburg perform from the Don Julio stage at the Track.

Personally, I am super excited to release this show. I wanted to create Two Buttons Deep because I have always been passionate about late night television, and I am convinced the future of that style of comedy will be based on the internet. That is why we started Two Buttons Deep in 2017 rather than pursuing television jobs in the city. And now, after two years of hard work, and basically throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks, this show is the beginning of my vision being fulfilled.

Button by button.

Grab some popcorn, watch the episode and let us know what you think. And make sure you visit our broadcasting booth at the Track all summer long (near the Dunkin Donuts).




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