We Have a Winner for Our First Ever Fashion Friday Competition

Fashion Friday has been a ton of fun, and as I might’ve mentioned, it’s starting to take off here in the Capital Region just a lil’ bit. I hear whispers throughout the week from people who are just dying to make the list (OK, maybe not dying, but they’re excited), and my social media feed is getting more fashion-focused by the day with local people stepping up what’s in their closets and IG posts.

And with our new Squadcast happening this summer at one of the most historically fashionable places in the 518, the Saratoga Race Course, we thought it might be fun to step this list up a notch and turn it into a contest. Yeah, that’s right, a contest, with a true Fashion Friday winner! The top of the top in terms of who’s been named best dressed in the Capital Region for the week. A little friendly competition, NBD.

But don’t worry, as I said during week 1 when we debuted this new idea, there are absolutely NO losers here –that’s why I created a best dressed list instead of a worst dressed list, right? And plus, it’s not like I can fully entrust John and Jack to pick a winner on there own, so I will still be curating my favorite looks and having them narrow down based on my elevator pitch for each one.

So, this is how it’s going to go down: Fashion Friday will resume as usual every Friday afternoon thanks to our friends at ZARA at Crossgates Mall, and you can check out the nominees on the 2BD Instagram story and the 2BD blog right here. Then, during Saturday’s live taping in Saratoga, I’ll run through my list with the boys and they will VOTE on an official winner.** On Sunday evening when the Squadcast goes up on twobuttonsdeep.com, you can watch and see who the true winner of Fashion Friday is for the week.

**I get to make the executive decision if I disagree, based on my fashion expertise over these silly squad members who are only just now stepping up their fashion game. Sorry not sorry ’bout it.

Cheers to our winner from week 1, Catherine Hover of the Palette Cafe! She will receive a gift card to ZARA so she can continue her summer in style. And that means it is officially game ON for the rest of you who have been wanting to see you name appear on the Best Dressed list. Now, with this added bonus of the true winner’s title plus some spending money for clothes, there’s no excuse you don’t try your damn hardest to get on my radar.

You can watch our Fashion Friday segment from Epsiode 1 of the Squadcast here:



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