I Hugged Free Hugs Guy at Schenectady County SummerNight

We’ve got the feel good story of the YEAR right here, or at least it’s my feel good story of the year. After I dissed Free Hugs Guy at Schenectady County SummerNight last July, I was determined to get back there this summer and search through a crowd of 20,000 (don’t quote me on that, but it’s a lot) to find Free Hugs Guy again. And yeah, the headline of this post totally gives it way, but I hugged him alright.

This event has felt like a weight on my shoulder all year long, knowing it would approach fast and I’d have to have a game plan. I’d also have to decide if I actually wanted a hug or not. I mean, I turned it down the first time…so who knows. But, ever since the video and GIF of my major mean diss that followed, Free Hugs Guy, also known as Cody, became somewhat of a fan of Two Buttons Deep, and frequently engaged with our content. He seemed like a super nice person (I mean, of course he is because he gives free hugs away), and I knew it was meant to be that I met him for real.

I was DEFINITELY a few too many buttons deep when I got to the event, but that’s not the story. The story is that I still made my best attempt to sift through the masses of people and ask around to see where he was. Obviously, you can’t miss this guy, so I kept heading toward center stage where he was sure to be dancin’ and groovin’ the night away to some Smash Mouth.

And listen, I am not exaggerating when I say me and Free Hugs Guy had the hug of a lifetime. He literally swept me off my feet. We screamed, we cheered, we hugged, and we were definitely really sweaty by the end of it. Schenectady County SummerNight is a place for good vibes only, and I know that now. If you haven’t been to this massive countywide block party, you need to make it a point to get your bum there next year and have a really good time going a few buttons deep and listening to your favorite 90s/early 2000s one-hit wonder band.

Check out some exclusive footage of my redemption with Free Hugs Guy, and rest your head on the pillow tonight knowing this story has a happy ending for everyone involved. Thanks to Cody for playing along and not hating me after last year’s missed connection.



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