Big Announcement: Two Buttons Deep and Brown’s Brewing Are Collaborating On A New IPA

Another week, another big announcement for the squad. We are excited to announce that Two Buttons Deep is collaborating with Brown’s Brewing Company for their next IPA, which will be formally titled #ButtonsDeepIPA. This beer is part of their hashtag series, for which they release limited edition beers named with hashtags to stay #cool with millennials and we are lucky to be the namesake for the next one.

I’m super hyped this came to fruition, I’ve been a fan of Brown’s Brewing for a long time. In fact, I wrote about them when they released their new line of cans (which our beer will now be in) back in 2017:

The first time I ever stepped foot in Brown’s was about 8 years ago on a field trip in high school. I had a questionable biker-chick teacher who took us off to beaten path just to take us there to eat on her own agenda, and it was incredible. As curious high school kids we roamed the depths of their in-house brewery and we even stumbled upon the merchandise stock room with the door open ajar. We each stole a t-shirt and I wore it loud and proud long before the day my lips were ever allowed to say the words, “I’ll take a beer.”

I don’t have that shirt anymore, but I have my own beer named after our company, so that’s a glow up if I’ve ever seen one. All I can say is that if our beer is anything like Cherry Razz, my proclaimed favorite beer in the world (and I’m not just gassing them up) then I plan to buy all 16,000 cans for the 2BD HOF.

This beer will be 6.25% ABV with All Idaho Hops with notes of fruit forward, dank, juicy, smooth, easy to drink with a clean finish. Just the way I like it. Stay tuned. 



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