Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

This is the HOTTEST Fashion Friday yet, and not because the looks are any better than usual (well, that’s actually up for you to decide), but because we are heading into a hella heat wave this weekend with temperatures apparently hitting triple digits here in the Capital Region. I’m all for the warm weather, so I’m kind of excited –but I can already hear the complaints in my ear from everyone who in a few short months, will be complaining about the brutal winter cold. Snooze ya later, haters.

This impending hotness has definitely thrown our Squad for a loop as the Saratoga Race Course is going to shut down on Saturday to keep the ponies (and the people) as cool and comfortable as possible. That’s not going to prevent us from doing our Squadcast, though, so stay tuned for that dropping this Sunday here on Two Buttons Deep. Truthfully, I’m just happy Jack and John already picked up their outfits from Mark Thomas before finding out about the cancelation because otherwise I know they would’ve made excuses to show in something very not Fashion Friday worthy.

And in case ya missed the big news, we announced last week on the inaugural Squadcast from Saratoga that we are taking Fashion Friday from a list to a competition. Each week, we will run through the Best Dressed List on the show, and then all three of us will vote on a Fashion Friday winner, who will be crowned champion and receive a $50 ZARA gift card, all thanks to Crossgates Mall.

So now, there should be NO excuses when it comes to dressing as amazing as possible this summer. We’ve got shopping money on the table and I feel like this is everyone’s chance to show me what they’re made of. And like I said, there are no loser here because all of the looks are list-worthy to begin with.

Zenia Verzole (@zeniaverzole)

Zenia just so happened to be stylin’ out at the Horseshoe on opening weekend in Saratoga decked out in all ZARA. She clearly doesn’t shop solo because she had a whole girl squad of stylish friends with her, too. Which leads me to believe that having a fashionable crew should get you bonus points on the BDL.

I loved her look and personally related to her outfit choice for the day because she is petite AF just like me, and sometimes that makes finding outfits a little bit of a challenge. You’d never know, though, with the way she styled this spaghetti strap, thick waistband crop top (which I also have in two colors), with a pair of coral culottes for that perfect pop of summer color.

Sureet Pabbi AKA The Intern (@sureetp)

Let’s be clear –it was NOT his caddy outfit from the United Way mini golf tournament that got Sureet, our unofficial intern here at 2BD, a spot on the list this week. However, I see this kid maybe 2-3 times a week during our random Squad adventures, and he is looking 10/10 every single time (which I know disappoints Jack because he feels left out on receiving street cred for cool outfits).

But, Sureet deserves recognition because he always nails the fit of his clothes –which I have said 1,000 times (and continue to get backup from other stylish men in our circle), that fit is the most important thing while dressing up, or dressing in general. Sureet knows how to rock a nice tailored suit like he did this week during the first Squadcast, and can even be trusted to accessorize to make sure his entire look is on point. Big league moves from our intern over here.

Vanessa Gabor (@vg1969)

There’s nothing like a good summer floral, and what caught my attention about Vanessa’s look that she wore for breakfast at the track is that really, there’s only one main color going on, yet it looks so fun and dimensional on top of the white fabric as the base of the dress. She color-blocked with her accessories, wore a very practical open toe, wedge espadrille with tassel ties that matched perfectly with her tassel earring in the exact same color.

You have any idea how hard it is to match colors so exactly? Well, it’s pretty hard –and sometimes it looks like you maybe tried a teeny tiny bit to hard. I’m happy to report that is not the case here because Vanessa executed the entire getup flawlessly, and she looks as dressed up as she does comfortable, which is very important for a long day at the races. 

PS: She has a pretty fashionable girl squad too, just like Zenia. Nice work, ladies! #OKLetsGetInFormation

Andrew Marocco

Bradley Cooper, is that you? No, it’s just a seriously styling Upstater who knows how to mix patterns like a Hollywood hero. Listen, fellas: don’t be afraid to wear patterns with other patterns to add dimension and movement into your look, just like Andrew did right here. Of course he got a good candid for the ‘gram (JK, I think he deleted his Insta ’cause I can’t find it), but still –he knew this pic was worth posting because it shows off all the right details of this outfit.

I actually have to post one more pic because I was surprised to see what footwear he chose for this dressy/casual look, and they appear to be some salmon colored sneakers (sort of) –IDK what you actually call mens’ shoes like this pair, but I like them with this. The round sunglasses really let you know he took outfit planning to the next level, and the brown lenses tie back to the belt and shoes just as they should.

That’s it! Week who-knows-how-many of Fashion Friday, but week 2 of this thing getting turned into a real contest with a winner who will take home a $50 gift card to ZARA. I must also mention that now the deal is a little bit sweeter, I will officially reset past list-members and allow for them to be repeated for a chance to win.

So, get your best looks ready for next week, but in the meantime, check out our SQUADCAST on Sunday night right here on Two Buttons Deep and see who’s this week’s Fashion Friday winner from the Capital Region’s Best Dressed list.



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