What I Saw Out of Aaron Boone Yesterday Put A Twinkle In My Eye.

Let me first start out by stating that I am a huge Red Sox fan and I’ve hated the Yankees for most of my life, but what I saw out of Aaron Boone yesterday put a twinkle in my eye.

In the second inning of the Yankees’ first game in a double header with the Tampa Bay Rays, Boone voiced his displeasure with rookie home plate umpire Brennan Miller’s strike zone. Miller could hear Boone calling out from the dugout saying, “Fucking get better now Brennan that’s a bad start!”

First off, I love how brash he is talking to an umpire, but that’s not the story. Right after Boone mouthed off to the ump he was then thrown out of the game and became the first ejection of Brennan’s young career. Well, Boone wasn’t having in and he let Brennan know. Lucky enough for us a mic picked up the whole thing and it became an instant internet classic. Enjoy.

Goddam I want to hate the Yankees, but after this I can’t help to side with Boone. He is a passionate manager and wants his players to have a chance in the batters box even if it means he has to fall on the sword. I’m sure after that interaction Brennan’s butthole tightened up and so did his strike zone.

I love when players and coaches are mic’d up. Especially when they don’t give a shit what they say or who the fuck is listening. What Boone did yesterday kind of reminded me of Mets manager Terry Collins’ all-time outburst against an ump after ejecting Noah Syndergaard for throwing behind Chase Utley. That clip will live in infamy.

What I’m getting from all this is that there needs to be a network of a Pay Per View that has the players and coaches mic’d up at all times and you can just listen to the shit talking rather an announcer trying to get cute with his play on words.  And that’s tough for me to say because I myself am an announcer.

Good for Boone and the Yankees, but at the same time, fuck ’em.



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