The Squadcast – July 21 (Gary Dake)

When we said every Sunday at 8PM, we really meant it. Sure, it’s 10PM. But we got this episode out as quickly as technology would allow, and it’s worth it. The races were cancelled when we were suppose to tape at the track, so we rolled with the punches and set up shop in the yard of our new favorite inn, the Inn at Five Points.

Per the cancellation, it was a brutally hot day to be wearing a suit. I did it to honor our sponsor Mark Thomas, but come to think of it, he’d probably prefer we didn’t (we don’t get to keep the suits). However, we powered through for another great episode with some TU reporters dropping in, our intern redeeming himself to save his job, and Gary Dake saving the day by taking us to the coldest place in the Capital Region.






How do you feel?

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