All Of Our Blogs Posts From The Last Week Were Deleted – Sad!

We’re experiencing some growing pain, folks, and all of our website posts from the last week have been deleted, sad!

After running this site off of WordPress and the remnants of knowledge from my semester long web development class in college, we handed off website duties to our partners at Relentless Awareness. It’s been a steady battle over the last few months with our site traffic increasing and the accumulation of almost 3 years worth of blogs and videos causing this site to crash on the regular. The RA team has been ~relentlessly~ working keep our site live and have been finagling this and transferring that to make it right. And now, allegedly, we are now on a new host where nothing can touch us. We should be in the clear with no more crashed or slashes to our content, allegedly. We just don’t have our blogs from the past week which is a small price to pay. To be fair, our web guy did tell us this might happen and instructed us to save our recent blogs offline. But we didn’t do that so I’m sorry if you were checking to see what the Stanley cup was filled with in Rochester or who won Fashion Friday. Water under the bridge, folks.



How do you feel?

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