10 Times Two Buttons Deep Captured the Spirit of Albany Better than the New Albany County Tourism Ad

Local creatives from all over the 518 are pretty pissed off by the tourism ad that’s now airing on TV in preparation for the Aurora Games coming to Albany later this month. A $2,000 ad that was produced in effort to get people excited to visit Albany, feels like it was produced the year I was born (1993) and does not capture literally anything lively, noteworthy, authentic, or unique about Albany County whatsoever. And it’s not just me over here saying that. It seems like a major missed opportunity to highlight the Capital city and surrounding region, but like Chris Churchill said –ya get what ya pay for.

There’s been a lot of active conversation about this from some notable Capital Region people on Twitter this week, and some people who actually reached out to the Two Buttons Deep Squad to see where OUR version of the commercial is. Well, that’s a good point. The column Churchill wrote resembles the “problem” 2BD is out trying to solve. When I describe what we do, and why our focus is strictly Capital Region topics and events, I often say, “We go out to an event and capture the real thing. We don’t want b-roll of people’s feet to be the way we recap and remember what kind of time people had.”

I can’t even begin to tell you how many amazing things happen here in the entire Capital Region, not just Albany, on the regular. Most of us know about it, but a lot of us don’t –and it’s right here in our backyard. So why, why, why would this commercial choose to highlight the commonplace assets, like the malls and airport, versus the bustling, lively events that make our cities true communities? If this aid aims to bring new people –tourists, potential residents, etc. to our cities, why wouldn’t you act like you give a shit when given the opportunity to shout our name from the rooftops?

OK, rant over. You get it, don’t you. ANYWAY, for all of the above reasons and more, we decided to throw it back and highlight five videos where the 2BD squad covered the experiences of “living, working, and playing” (shoot me) in Albany better than Albany did.

Taylor Does March Madness (Times Union Center)

John Does Oktoberfest (Warehouse District)

Nobody Asked Me, But… (City Beer Hall, Warehouse District)

John Does the Albany Empire (Times Union Center)

Ten Questions Deep (Yono’s Restaurant, Washington Avenue Armory, Albany Distilling Co.)

John Does St. Patrick’s Day in Albany (Lark Street)

Two Buttons Deep Booze Cruise (Hudson River)



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  1. Chad Albert

    Because Albany, it’s three hours from a lot of interesting stuff isn’t a very good tag line for an ad campaign…


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