Bloody Mary Review –The Mercantile Kitchen & Bar

Aren’t you sick of soft serve yet? OK, maybe not –but I figured it was about time I got in on the review game like my co-captain Jack. He’s spent the past few summers on the prowl for the best soft serve ice cream in Upstate New York, and while that’s just dandy, we are Two Buttons Deep, which means there’s usually a little bit of responsible drinking involved with the things we do around here.

So, when Jack asked me what I wanted to start reviewing locally, I knew it wasn’t going to be chicken wings or cheeseburgers. I wanted something that literally can cure people of a hangover, of the Sunday Scaries, or just improve their day in a spectacular fashion. It only made sense for me to review Bloody Mary’s so that I can be the best brunch recommender to all of my close friends and followers.

Our first stop to find the best Bloody Mary in Upstate New York was the newly(ish) opened Mercantile Kitchen & Bar, in the former Cantina building on Broadway in downtown Saratoga. I apologize if this first video comes across a little unpolished, but I’ve never reviewed anything before and even though I’ve watched a million episodes of Chopped, I’m not that eloquent when it comes to speaking about flavors, textures, etc. Plus, I was just really excited to be drinking a Bloody Mary on the clock.

Where do you guys think I should stop along the way in this new pursuit? And if you’re a mimosa person over a Bloody Mary person just let me know right now so I can cross you off my brunch invite list. JK. Either way, let me know and stay tuned as I drink my way through Upstate New York all before noon (or, whenever you can start serving alcohol in New York State).



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