Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

Happy Fashion Friday, folks. There’s no better day to recap all of the best looks of the week because, well, it’s the end of the week and we are all about to go a few buttons deep in a few short hours (I hope). It’s primetime summertime right now and if you couldn’t tell that just from looking outside, you can certainly tell by all of the fun florals and bright colors we’ve been seeing on the Best Dressed list as of late.

This week is no exception –the lineup is looking strong and I am curious to see who will come out on top to win their well-deserved $50 ZARA giftcard from Crossgates Mall. I do admit last week was a little confusing when we picked a winner on the 2BD At the Track Squadcast, because it was the first week Jack and John had a different vote for first place. I “Judge Judy’d” them as I call it, and picked a completely different winner than either of them because I do get to overrule. But then it’s like, what’s the point of them voting? Still trying to figure all of that out, people, but regardless someone wins a prize every week and everyone gets the honor of being mentioned for their fire fashions.

Lee Owens (@leeowensdesign)

Lee Owens is one of the area’s most talented interior designers, but just because she’s got an eye for wall art and high-end finishings doesn’t mean she has a natural knack for street style, too. I am sure there are some interior designers out there who dress like the curtains they work with, but not Lee. Nope.

First of all, her smile is what drew me in —seriously. She is literally glowing and looks so happy and vibrant in this photo that it made me stop scrolling for a second and check out her outfit in a little more detail. I will say both people pictured here are list-worthy, but I’m going to give it to Lee. I love the pop of purple –a difficult color to pull off –and a lighter color earring with some geometry to it and overall, a super summery vibe that makes me wish for warm weather forever.


Gabby Fisher (@gabfshr)

Gabby is a millennial out here in the 518 who is defying all stereotypes and doing some SERIOUS GOOD in the Capital Region. This photo is from the Community Action for Africa event she hosted earlier this week at the Bull Moose Club for her startup, co-mads. Do you see how many people are in the background of this photo? Over 100 people attended to show their support co-mads and the African Support Alliance.

I bet a lot of those 100 people also came out to compliment Gabby on her amazing outfit, too. I love the bold knee-length skirt paired with a solid black top (but not a boring black top, because that neckline is as unique as it is awesome). She knew well enough to let that cool neckline on her tank top not get overshadowed by anything, which is why throwing her hair up in a top knot really completed the look for me.

Listen –if you’re doing great things in our local community and look this fabulous while doing it…we need to create some sort of award for that. Go, Gabby, go!


Jamel Mosely (@jamelmosely)

Any guy who says they are going to be too hot in long sleeves and shorts during the summer has obviously never paid attention to all the different types of fabrics there are out on the market. We have Jamel over here dancing in the street (literally!), because it appears as though he made the responsible choice and decided to rep some lightweight, breathable garments –looks like linen to me –in this recent stroll through downtown Troy.

He’s styled himself super well with this flat brim felt hat, a pair of Chelsea boots and some wrist candy (a watch and bracelet on the other hand). My only complaint of course is that he’s only one button deep, but I think that’s also the responsible choice when you’re hanging out with a small child. So I’ll let it slide. Also forgot to mention, but I’m also a big fan of the sage green color of Jamel’s shirt.

PS: props to the little man in the photo with Jamel who quite honestly stole the show. Can I say that? I WILL be doing a Best Dressed List: Kids Edition soon, and I hope to see some more pics of this cutie so he can reappear for his official debut. But this is just too cute not to share.

Some might say this has never been done before, but I am leaving a spot OPEN this week because I want to put my hopes and dreams out there in the universe that one of my Squad members could make the list this week, or maybe I will find someone at the track this weekend who looks SO amazing I cannot help but make a last minute addition to the Capital Region’s Best Dressed. I feel solid with my three picks this week, so if it ends here, it ends here. But, I know the Whitney Stakes can bring a big and boisterous crowd up to Saratoga, so I am taking my chances I see something spectacular tomorrow.

Thanks as always to all of our nominees (there are no losers here) and to Crossgates Mall and ZARA who provide the official prize to our best dressed winner, who we’ll announce on Sunday’s Squadcast from the track. Come see us in Saratoga if you’re around!




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