PSA: Air Conditioned T-Shirts Could Hit the Market Someday Soon

Did you guys see this story that made headlines recently? The popular electronics brand Sony has been dreaming up and idea that could save everybody who complains about the summer heat from every saying anything about it again.

MIAMI – There’s no debut date, but folks in South Florida should already be lining up to buy Sony’s latest creation.

The electronics giant is developing a wearable “air conditioner” shirt that will keep people cool despite the high temps outside.

Sony is creating the Reon Pocket through its First Flight program, according to Fox News

A device would be placed in the back of the shirt and the cool down begins.

Utilizing the Peltier effect, the shirt would be able to lower a person’s body temperature by 23 degrees Farhenheit.

Oh, what’s the Peltier effect, you ask?  Well, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, it’s “the cooling of one junction and the heating of the other when electric current is maintained in a circuit of material consisting of two dissimilar conductors.”


The Reon Pocket sells for $117 U.S. dollars and is controlled via an app. It also has the ability to raise someone’s body temperature by 14 degrees.

Unfortunately, the shirt is only currently available in Japan.

My number one pet peeve in life is sweating. I sweat, a lot. I don’t know why or how, but every year when summer comes around I am shaking in my boots. While normal people like to be outside to enjoy an 85-degree day, I sit in my air conditioned bed room brainstorming excuses to get me out of whatever it is trying to get my ass outside.


My sweatiness impacts my daily life and the lives of people around me, and that’s why this t-shirt could be so valuable to me. I LOVE the track, really I do, but I only go a few times a year because I’d rather not walk around in front of thousands of rich people and rockets with a noticeably sweaty rear end. Swamp ass is a real thing, it’s an obstacle, an obstruction, and if you can’t recognize that then I kindly ask you to Frick right off.


Now I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who feels this way. My buddy Koop sent me this article with a message saying, “You can write a blog all about how much this just saved my life. I am the happiest person ever right now.”

Us sweaty people need to be a united front and get these shirts printing in the States as soon as possible. This would solve sooo many of my problems and I also have great ideas to go with it if they need to expand the brand further down the line.

  1. A/C dress shirt: People who go to the track dress up and for the most part are hot as shit, both literally and figuratively. Can you imagine being able to go to the track and stay cool but also look like a nice piece of bum? Sign me up.
  2. Workout shirt: Like I said, I HATE sweating, so wouldn’t it be nice to be naturally cooled down at all times? Sure, you’ll still sweat but you won’t be crawling on the ground looking for water. You’ll be cool, calm, and collected.
  3. Fire Fighter uniforms: Ever fight a fire? I haven’t, but I’m assuming they’re hot as shit. NOT ANYMORE.

These are just my first three ideas, but if you gave me more than 5 minutes I’d probably have dozens more of how we can work AC shirts into our lives for the better. Whoever thought of this is a revolutionary, a modern day Renaissance man and/or woman. Thank you for your service. Now excuse me while I’ll sit here waiting for my Reon pocket shirt to be set at a cool 69 degrees. Nice.



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