Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

Happy Fashion Friday! Jack says I’m not allowed to call it Fashion Friday anymore because we’re filming part of it on Saturday and “Capital Region’s Best Dressed” just sounds more official, I guess. He might just be saying that because he hasn’t made the list yet, but that’s a him problem and not a me problem. He can’t get nominated unless he buys himself a pair (or two or three) of new shoes.

I like to call it Fashion Friday, though, because it holds me accountable and gives me a deadline to find the best looks of the week.

Erin Muller (@erinmullermakeup)

I never thought I would say, MAKE SHORTS COOL AGAIN until I saw #FashionFriday alum Erin Muller on vacation in California. She was rocking shorts the way shorts should be rocked –with style and class and grace and all the good stuff. These little white denim shorts are ripped to perfection and are surprisingly well balanced with the oversized graphic tee (I see you, ZARA).

The other look she had on another night of her West Coast vaca was a pair of leather biker shorts that changed my life. Yeah I said it, they were that amazing. Now she’s got me wondering how I can look even a fraction of as cool as her on my next vaca coming up in September. Her shorts look helped me reaffirm my impulse purchase of my own neon orange bike shorts….we’ll see how that works out for me later.

Kristina Wieneke (@kristina_wieneke)

Pale colors can be tough to pull off in the dead of summertime. Ya never wanna be called “wishy washy” when it comes to your style or even worse, your personality. Luckily, Kristina is neither of those things. She actually just happens to be one of the most bubbly, vibrant people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting here in the 518, and maybe that’s because she’s from Ireland and has only recently (relatively speaking) been immersed in this depressing culture of America today.

Regardless of the mostly dull outlook on life here in America (kidding, kinda?), Kristina continues to smile and bring some killer fashions with her everywhere she goes. We need more of that, people! What I love about this look, like I said before I got sidetracked, is how the pale colors actually make the look. I love the fitted bodice, the fluttery short sleeves, and the way the maroon works with the sage green and ivory colors is really sweet and feminine. This dress has a lot of interesting movement on the bottom with the layered ruffles, and looks ultra comfortable for a long day at the races. She’s out here proving you can brighten someone’s day even with a soft color palette.

(PS: Bonus points for having a fashionable friend to pose with, too)

Mark Angelo (@_mark.angelo)

You might be wondering how someone can make a best dressed list when the bottom half of the outfit is not visible in the photo. Well, there’s a couple ways. If you scroll for .0010 of a second through Mark’s feed, you’d realize every piece of clothing he puts on (or at least what he puts on social media, IDK what he wears for a casual Target run) is list-worthy.

The second way is when you are clearly going more than Two Buttons Deep sporting a Hawaiian shirt as fantastic as this one. That’s just a hands down yes for the 2BD Squad. This shirt has the perfect mix of colors, is a sexy yet intriguing pattern of florals and roses, AND would ya look at that –looks like it fits beautifully to get a good flexin’ pic out of it. That’s how to do Instagram right if you ask me. Seriously, Mark has some amazing street style and knows how to turn activewear into fashionable streetwear and look good doing it. I’m so in on this look.

That’s all I got for ya this week, people. Let’s just say I am leaving my fourth spot open because tomorrow is a BIG DAY at the races, we got the Albama Stakes (I think that’s what it’s called?) which means a lot of people are going to be dressed their best. Maybe dressed well enough to be a Best Dressed winner? Wait and see! Shout out to Crossgates Mall and ZARA for supporting our weekly fashion pieces, whether it’s called Fashion Friday or not. Sorry, Jack.



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