I Spent the Day at the Saratoga Backstretch with Trainer Jeremiah Englehart

Oh, hay! I didn’t even see you there, I was too busy watching the latest 2BD Original Video where I spent the morning with Jeremiah Englehart at his stables on the grounds of the Saratoga backstretch. We had a chance to experience a part of the track that people don’t ordinarily see, and that’s the stuff that goes on behind-the-scenes where the horses are taken care of all season long.

Even if you hate setting an alarm for an early morning wake up call, you’d still love it if you knew your destination was Saratoga on a summer morning. The crisp air, the golden hour sunlight, the energy and excitement of the horses warming up and the staff that’s out there caring for them –it is all so inspiring and awesome.

This video was important to us because it’s no secret there are a lot of racetrack haters out there in the Capital Region and beyond. People are flooding our DMs saying that we’re terrible people for even stepping foot inside the racetrack, and even worse for broadcasting our show there all summer long. And I get it, horses die and that is sad AF. It’s heartbreaking, really, because they are such incredibly stunning creatures –and the thought of them being injured or in pain is awful to think about. 100 percent. BUT, if you spent time in the backstretch, talked to the backstretch workers, and saw the way these horses are treated, you’d understand that there’s a lot of love that goes on over there, and some of what happens to them (like all of us in life)…is natural.

Horses, like people, have their own unique personalities, and you can tell when they’re happy or need something or whatever. These trainers and workers care deeply for the horses. I mean, they spend every single day with them and make sure they’re well fed, bathed, exercised properly, taken care of when something’s wrong, you get the idea. You think a bunch of heartless people are back there working their asses off? No. There’s a special breed of animal lovers out there for a reason, and I believe that’s who you can find at the backstretch.

Anyway, aside from all of that, I had an awesome time hanging out with some horses and talking to Jeremiah about what his days are like as a horse owner and trainer. One of the coolest parts of Two Buttons Deep is being able to go places people aren’t usually allowed, do our own thing, and tell the story the way we see it. Check out our latest video below and come say hi this Saturday at the Saratoga Race Course for the 2BD Squadcast in the Times Union Gazebo.



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