Big Announcement: Two Buttons Deep is Moving to Albany

After three years of running Two Buttons Deep out of various coffee shops, bedrooms, Aurelius Coworking spaces, and lately the Saratoga Race Track, Two Buttons Deep is finally going to have a home in Albany. I say home and not office because the squad* is literally moving in together in the Capital city, and that’s a big button in our pursuit to become the Capital Region’s largest media company, button by button.

I’ve lived in Troy, Albany’s cross-river rival, since 2016 and despite killing upwards of 100 mice in my tenure here, I finally landed myself a super nice apartment which is generally mouse free and a good spot to call home. My lady friend and I swore I’d never leave my current apartment (after moving three times in 2 years) UNLESS it were for the triple D’s… 

A Driveway (after paying over $1,000 in parking tickets to the lovely City of Troy, I could have just built my own damn driveway by now)

A Dog (life is better with dogs, that’s not news unless you’re my current landlord who doesn’t allow them)

A DISHWASHER. This might seem mundane, but the only reason I know my lady and I could possibly stand the test of time is that we have survived these two years living together without a dishwasher. Dirty dishes are the root cause of 99% of arguments, so if you can live sans dishwasher in harmony, you have a winner like I do. But despite that, I’m ready for a dishwasher in my life because I am terrible at washing dishes and I’m not sure how much longer she will put up with the fact everything I wash has 10% remains of last night’s meal still on it. I digress…

Our friend Jeff Buell joined us on the Squadcast this weekend to give us this proposition. If you’ve been following Two Buttons Deep for a while, you’ll remember that Jeff came to us in 2017 with a crazy idea to give away $50,000 (his money, not ours) which we distributed $100 at a time throughout the Capital Region over the course of the year…Now, a year later, he returned with an equally crazy proposition, for Taylor and I to move in to his newest property in downtown Albany.

This is not just another property his company, Redburn Development, has acquired in their pursuit to reshape urban downtowns in Upstate NY. This property is a piece of his astounding $78,000,000 investment in downtown Albany, and also the former Times Union building. The company who currently reigns the largest media organization in the Capital Region started here and is currently partnered with us. And now, it’s our turn to build our roots in Albany, the city I was in fact born in, so you can call it full circle….

We’re excited to live in Albany, learn the sites and sounds of a new city and document the good bad and the ugly right here for you on Two Buttons Deep. We’ll be broadcasting our Squadcast from the rooftop deck (total flex), documenting our shenanigans like it’s a college dorm and we hope you all follow along for the ride…

*full assed squad members only

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