2BD + Albany = Another Big Button

2019 has been a year of “big buttons” for the Two Buttons Deep squad. Every time Jack and I hit a milestone as we continue to build this startup entertainment outlet from the ground up, we look at each other in a little bit of disbelief. Within a few seconds it’s back to our standard bickering and pushing forward, but not before I say, “Hey, today (or this, that, etc.) is a really big button.”

I’m glad I made that a phrase, especially after I won our Twitter poll about calling our progress as a whole, “Button by Button” instead “One Button at a Time.” I mean that one was obvious, right? But seriously –could it be possible we’ve accomplished one of our biggest buttons yet with our upcoming move to Albany? Well, let me explain.

If you’ve been keeping up with the #2BDAtTheTrack Squadcast, you’d know we’ve been officially “challenged” to move from our respective home base locations and move to downtown Albany for one year, rent free. It’s part of a bigger initiative from Redburn Development called the Live in Albany campaign, which is exactly what it sounds like. Redburn wants 2BD to live in Albany, literally, and tell the story of what it’s like to live downtown, spend time at all the local restaurants and entertainment venues, decorate our apartments, cruise on some CDPHP Cycle! bikes –wherever the adventure takes us.

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Some might look at this and say something sarcastic about how nice it must be to live for free for a year blah blah blah. But this is work, people. We had a few meetings with these guys and girls and certainly could’ve come up with your vanilla, traditional proposal about events and ribbon cuttings. We could’ve written some advertorial style blogs and dined at a few new spots. But is that authentic? Not really, no –and that’s not the way our squad likes to roll.

The ability for us to pick up and move, start from scratch in a new city, and go about our daily lives with no plan or expectations, that’s what people are going to be interested in seeing. That’s what is going to tell the story of our Capital city that has a whole lot more to offer than the Albany you remember from three, five or 10 years ago. We believe in highlighting the 518, sharing new experiences, and growing closer as a squad while we do it.

Yeah, that’s right. What’s even cooler than having rent paid for a year (I can’t believe I’m saying this) is that I will see Jack and John probably every. single. day. Which yes, doesn’t sound that awesome, but we know the #1 way 2BD will succeed is if we spend more time together, create more content, improvise more, brainstorm more, edit more, revise it all and then repeat. Our goal is for you to see something new every single time you visit one of the 2BD social media channels and for you to rely on us –to expect our content and to want it on your feed. That is something we hope to be able to accomplish by all living under the same roof for an entire year.

So, we hope our followers and fans share the excitement with us as October approaches. We’re looking forward to a totally unique and new adventure, and honestly we’re pretty proud of the work we’ve done that landed us an opportunity like this one. If you’re a potential advertiser out there, ya gotta think we’re crazy, right? Or I guess blame Jeff Buell –he’s the crazy one. But what I think you’ll see in the next year is that Two Buttons Deep is the fastest growing entertainment outlet in the Capital Region. That we hit the 25-34 demographic harder than any local organization can. Those things are actually true right now, so imagine where we’ll be in a year’s time. Hopefully still alive…that’s all I’m gonna say.



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