Join Us for the OFFICIAL Two Buttons Deep Race This Sunday at the Track

If you haven’t won up at the races yet this season, I’d say it’s a safe bet you should put all your money on the horses running in The Two Buttons Deep Stakes –AKA, the fourth race at 2:38PM on Sunday, August 25 at the Saratoga Race Course.

That’s right, the Two Buttons Deep Squad is getting our very own race named after us thanks to our friends at the Times Union and NYRA. I guess they really like all the hard work we’ve done at the track and want to make sure we are a staple there forever and ever and ever. Or, they just name races after people all the time and threw the ask our way to see if we’d be down. Either one, I mean whatever….

Of course we graciously accepted the opportunity to make a big deal about a race being named after us and plus, we get to go in the Winners Circle! This is going to be our photo opp of the summer, and for 2BD fans everywhere…get your bums back to the track on Saturday, drink away your Travers hangovers with a Bloody Mary, and cheer so loud for the horses running in the Two Buttons Deep race that NYRA will realize every day needs a race named after Two Buttons Deep.

I don’t want to hear the excuses on why you can’t make it back to the track on the second to last weekend of the year. It will in fact be a challenge to get your hungover bums there –I know it will be for us. But, we’re starting to wrap up an incredible time shooting the Squadcast from the TU Gazebo, and hanging out all night underneath the 2BD flag flying with pride at The Horseshoe. I mean, we still have one weekend left, so don’t worry you have a bit more time to catch us. But, if you’re wondering the 2BD Squad will be during the fourth race this Sunday, you can catch us at the rails watching OUR race. Instagram pics from the Winners Circle to come.



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