So A 105 MPH Tornado Missed The Saratoga Hockey Rinks by About 60 Feet Wednesday


I get a lot of slack for hardly ever going South of the Twins, but a situation like this is why; I am knee deep in mother god damn nature.

On Wednesday most of us experienced the most badass storm of the summer. It seemed like every one I talked to spent their time staring out their windows watching rain, wind, and lightning cover the capital district. Hell, Troy seemed to be under water!

While it seemed to be pretty serious, it didn’t phase me. I am a self-proclaimed storm watcher and retired Tornado chaser (My family saw one when driving to Missouri to visit other family when I was about 3 years old, COUNT IT.) I’ve watched the entire first season of Tornado Chasers on Netflix, so I guess you can probably call me an adrenaline junky. I never really saw the word Tornado until last night when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, shootout weather man Brandon Capasso.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.12.52 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 9.12.59 AM.png

Is this the most secretive, swept under the rug Tornado of all time? I’ve seen Twister a time or two to know that if a tornado is about to hit we should be hearing wind chimes, loud fire alarms and our TVs should be going in and out. Did any of those things happen? I don’t think so? Talk about a serious kick to the stomach. You got to let a guy like me know what’s going on so I can get out there and encounter the beast, like Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt.


And to top it all off, it almost hit the beloved Vernon and Wiebel Ice rinks, a place I’ve called home for 20+ years. 60 feet! 60! To put it into other terms you might be able to recognize, that is equivalent to six (6) basketball hoops or a 20 yard Saquon Barkley run. This all just seems so crazy to me.

In conclusion, I just want people to know about it. Tornados are bad ass and it’s crazy to me that in 2019 we didn’t know about this until the following day. Sounds like the weather community might need to take a lesson from Weatherman G, who was all up in the storm watching Wednesday afternoon.



How do you feel?

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