Ten Questions Deep with International Racing Legend David Hobbs

Before I interviewed David Hobbs on Ten Questions Deep, I could say with confidence that everyone I’ve interviewed on that show has been absolutely, positively cooler than me. After I interviewed David Hobbs on Ten Questions Deep, I can say AGAIN that my theory still holds up.

It can be dangerous throwing the term, “legend” around, but Mr. Hobbs is the kind of guy that word just rolls off the tongue for. Over the course of 50+ years, he’s become an accomplished professional racecar driver, sports commentator, movie star (oh yeah, you’ll see his name in the credits for Cars 2), car dealership owner and author. When the Saratoga Automobile Museum let us know they were bringing him into town for the annual auto auction up at SPAC, I jumped at the chance to spend a few minutes with him and hear firsthand what a crazy ride life has been for him.

And at 80 years old, I gotta say he seemed as sharp as ever. He literally just walked off the plane and headed straight to our interview, yet handled it like any professional who has spent the majority of his life in the public eye would.

In the moment, interviews like these are a total rush –they’re fun and cool and fly by. You walk away feeling thankful for the experience, and usually a little hopeful that you didn’t mess it up. But then, after the fact (especially when you have a producer as talented as Jack) –it makes you realize how lucky you really were to have had an opportunity like this one. Not a lot of people get some one-on-one time with someone like David Hobbs, but I’m glad I did so that I could tell you guys the story and give you a little life history to Google next time you’re bored.

Check out the latest episode of Ten Questions Deep brought to you by ZARA at Crossgates Mall! Big thanks to the Saratoga Automobile Museum for giving us the opportunity to shoot this video, to ZARA for the head-to-toe fall look, and to Alexandria’s Beauty Salon for the glam hair, always.



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