The Buttonista Podcast: Warmer Times and British Vibes

It’s time for a new Tuesday Buttonista Show! The Buttonista is back from her mom’s bedroom (again) with an all new episode on this sunny, soon-to-be spring day. Keeping it quick-ish before her interview with Antonio Dixon, we get into the following for the start of the show:
-Perfecting a British accent and channeling Princess Diana in light of recent TV news events
– Announcing our casalegals Collab
– Big Tip Energy on Two Buttons Deep – Week 1 recap
– Trends and insecurities: lip injections, brow lamination, teeth straightening and…tooth gems?
– Interview with Antonio Dixon, the guy behind the high tech igloo pods (Privè SolarFi Pods) popping up all around the Northeast
As always, the Buttonista Podcast is best enjoyed with a nice cold Miller Lite.



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