The Buttonista Podcast: Hello My Name Is Gloria

HELLO AND WELCOME BACK! Giddy up, take a first sip and bear with the Buttonista as she works through a few sound hiccups in a new setup in front of the Christmas tree to keep the holiday spirit alive and a’kickin. From Marry Me Chicken to Make a Wish, childhood memories to picking up a new national sponsor, it’s always an interesting, unpredictable train ride when you tune into a new show on the holy day, #ThankGodItsTuesday. As always, thank you for being here and don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode and review the shit out of the show just to be nice!!


The “Happy Place” (0:15)

Nobody Asked Me, But… (1:04)

A flashback into the Buttonista’s childhood performances (3:50)

Cancel the stigma of being the center of attention!!! (4:58)

Breaking news from the Times Union: The Albany West Elm is closing (8:52)

QUICK holiday update, I swear (18:52)

Make a Wish: Holiday Girls Night (20:33)

The real reason the real Christmas tree turned out so well (22:18)

The Buttonista is going #National and getting MANSCAPED! (25:39)

We gotta stop this train (25:58)

Making “Marry Me Chicken” (31:47)

Whatever you do, don’t get your fashion advice from Selling Sunset on Netflix (37:15)

Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite.






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