The Buttonista Podcast: The Buttonista’s Year In Review

HOW DID WE GET HERE? 48 episodes later, this is the FINAL show of the year of the Buttonista Podcast and wow, what a wild ride we’ve been on. The point here is thank you, thank you and yeah –thank you!!! for following along and listening during this weird-ish year where my only goal has been to make you laugh and entertain you for 45 minutes or so each week. And of course this is a great time to take the opportunity to say…see you next year!

Nobody Asked Me, But… (0:50)

48 out of 52 ain’t bad (2:47)

Fun facts about the podcast in 2021 (4:23)

Apple Podcasts vs. Spotify for Buttonista listeners (6:27)

The top 3 episodes of the year (7:14)

The top moments of the year (12:40)

What I’m most proud of with this stupid podcast and page (23:04)

Looking forward to a few things in 2022 (27:25)

Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite and a glass of wine on the side.






How do you feel?

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