The Buttonista Podcast: SSJ and RIP’s in Pop Culture

Hello, 2022! It’s the Buttonista’s first episode of the year and we are still in resolution mode. The Buttonista reads and reflects on your promises, and also takes a few minutes to deep dive on a freezing cold start to pop culture in the celeb world.

Nobody Asked Me, But… (0:45)

What’s a Sober January really? (3:18)

Officially introducing Metabolic Fitness to the Buttonista Podcast (4:52)

SSJ (7:34)

Your resolutions are MY resolutions (11:23)

Some wild pop culture moments to end the year and start a new one (23:49)

My favorite Impractical Joker is leaving, but is it an opportunity for Senior Buttonista? (28:28)

What’s more impressive: Betty White making it to 99 or the Blackberry making it to 2022 (30:50)

Tristan Thompson would be in a much better position if he listened to my advice (35:12)

Planning begins for 2.2.22 (41:15)

Clear the merch and get 22% off the Buttonista Collection (42:20)

Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite or whatever you’re sipping out of your #FirstSipClub mug.





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