The Buttonista Podcast: The War Against Drew Barrymore

What’s up MY FRIENDS? It’s a glorious Friday to celebrate the end of another work week and it would appear all of our manifesting warmer times and chiller vibes is finally beginning to pay off. In the latest episode of The Buttonista Podcast, it’s time to discuss in detail the most perplexing pieces of The Drew Barrymore Show, including the celeb’s 1970s detective inspired style. Also, The Buttonista would like a word with Mr. Trader Joe himself or anyone with a power to bring a legitimate grocery store to all of the Capital Region’s downtown areas.


Get your big ol’ deck ready for summer with MANSCAPED (0:22)

The weather can really turn an emotional week around, huh? (3:06)

Nobody Asked Me, But… (5:49)

On the road again for another staycation (6:54)

The war against Drew Barrymore (12:22)

I’d like to have a word with Trader Joe (21:51)

Do you dress up for St. Patrick’s Day and other “colorful” holidays? (31:49)

Introducing The Bunker to The Buttonista Podcast (35:18)

Participate in Pint Madness to determine the most popular Stewart’s Shops pint flavor (37:23)

Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite.



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