The Buttonista Podcast: Live(ish) From Rivers Casino

Episode 87: Live(ish) From Rivers Casino

Head into a weekend full of March Madness with the latest episode of The Buttonista Podcast recorded live(ish) from Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady, AKA a top notch spot to watch the games or take in the atmosphere while the people you are with actually watch the games. This episode is BEST enjoyed with a Miller Lite so sip away and join The Buttonista and her co-host Jack Carpenter (Two Buttons Deep) for a special edition of the show.
-Good D*ck Day (1:17)
-Live(ish) at Rivers Casino (3:19)
-Nobody Asked Me, But.. (10:29)
-How many Miller Lites could you get for $1,000? (13:34)
-Is The Buttonista TikTok famous with Barb from Hoffman Car Wash? (18:00)
-Buying fresh flowers at the grocery store; dried flowers vs. real flowers (24:54)
-Answering your questions – is Saratoga Chowderfest worth it? (35: 58)
-Thin eyebrows are making a comeback (46:42)




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