The Buttonista Podcast: One Millionaire’s Trash

THE START OF A NEW CHAPTER(ISH)! The Buttonista is back on the mic, this time live on tape at Switchback Brewing Co. in Burlington, Vermont. From the most loved aspects of a recent trip to Atlanta to which SPAC show is on the busy adult social calendar, tune into catch up on the latest happenings and #NobodyAskedMeBut style hot takes.


  • Introducing Cap’n Jack to Episode 101 (0:42)
  • ASMR ft. Switchback Brewing Co. (1:02)
  • Hotlanta, but with minimal outfit pics (2:53)
  • The perks of being your authentic, trendy self at your own wedding (5:28)
  • A new debate: team shades open or shades closed? (10:06)
  • Jack’s strange sleeping situation (12:22)
  • Looking forward to a SPAC summer with LiveNation (15:05)
  • The Buttonista’s upcoming fashion faux pas…maybe (16:24)
  • Making time in your schedule and wallet for self-care at Spa Mirbeau (22:36)
  • Interview with Siri about Apple’s new texting update (24:14)
  • Anti anti-“hot girl summer” (26:39)
  • One millionaire’s trash is a Buttonista’s treasure (29:25)

This show is best enjoyed with a Miller Lite.

Get your LiveNation tickets to SPAC at and see John Mulaney live on Friday, June 10

Take advantage of Spa Mirbeau’s experience and book a spa service in the Albany location at




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