The Buttonista Show: Bahrain On Them Hoes

Thank God It’s Tuesday!

It’s prime Miller sippin’ time and that is exactly what is going down on yet another beautiful summer day from the Buttonista’s small corner of Upstate NY. Tune in to find out if middle names necessary for offspring, or should kids be left offline for social media to speculate someday? LOTS of serious topics on the latest episode and a wide range of vocabulary used, from “archipelago” to “smorgasbord” so basically, it’s a great show with your usual amount of hot takes and surprises.


Nobody Asked Me, But… (0:37)

The middle name debate (1:37)

Peak Miller Lite season (3:58)

Neighborhood Watch mode activated (7:07)

The grass is always greener…at my house (10:14)

“Take pride in the outside” mantra (12:18)

My first blue checkmark fan (16:52)

The Make Instagram Instagram Again Petition (21:38)

Thoughts on social media breaks (28:33)

5 Random Things brought to you by Crossgates Mall (31:42)

Listener Q: Are Vans sneakers in or out? (45:29)

Brought to you by Miller Lite.



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