About Us

Two Buttons Deep is a news and entertainment website creating original content in a way Upstate New York hasn?t ever seen before. To put it simply, the local news and radio market covers the 5 Ws: the Who, What, When, Where and Why of every story. That?s great and all, but we cover the two Ws often left untouched in the media world.

And those Ws are the Wow, and the What the F***.

Two Buttons Deep consists of a handful of select writers and personalities across upstate New York. We cover everything and anything we consider worth talking about when you?re going Two Buttons Deep with your friends (yeah, it?s a verb). What does it mean to be Two Buttons Deep? Let this quick tutorial explain it for you:

Starting to make sense? Ok, cool. And here?s a little bit more about the team behind it all.

The Squad

Jack Carpenter

Co-Founder & Video Producer

AKA, Cap’n Jack. Two Buttons Deep co-founder and video guy. Upstate native, Troy boy transplant. Doesn’t talk about winning a college Emmy Award because he’s humble. Amateur ice cream taster.

Taylor Rao

Co-Founder, Writer & Personality

Co-founder of Two Buttons Deep, holding it down as our resident fashionista and girl boss of the squad. Lives life with a bold and unwavering optimism that she can make a difference in this world by helping everyone’s personal style become a little more…stylish.



AKA, Marko. Loves food, music, comedy, and the occasional Twitter rant/Instagram video stream of consciousness. Tells jokes at inappropriate?times and hopes you won’t judge him too hard for that. Teaches kids at an alternative school, and is better known as your Italian mom’s favorite internet personality.



Jersey boy, AKA, not from the 518. Troy’s newest resident, football junkie, proud ‘Cuse alum and Adirondack correspondent working retail to fund his way-overthought sports bets. His motto? HGH: Hustle, Grit, and Heart.?



Two Buttons Deep’s Warden of the North. Jimmy “Ked” Collins is portrayed as a “half-ass member of the squad,” and only ventures south of Exit 9 if he has a hockey game to play. Spends his time blogging for 2BD and falling in and out of love weekly with the rockets of the greater Capital Region.

And why do we do it?


We are doing this because we love what we do. We love writing, creating and entertaining, and Two Buttons Deep allows us to do all of those things right here in our hometown. We do it here in Upstate New York because we?re motivated to make change in an area with so much potential.

If you?re interested in contacting us, working for us, or anything else, email us at twobuttonsdeep@gmail.com or fill out the form below and we?ll be sure to write back.