Do The Next Good Thing

In the fall of 2017, Two Buttons Deep partnered with Capital Region business owner Jeff Buell on a project called Do the Next Good Thing. In an effort to spread kindness and honor his late sister’s legacy, Jeff is giving away $50,000 of his own money to pay it forward in the local community in just 365 days, AKA $100 a day. Two Buttons Deep’s Jack Carpenter produces this series and follows Jeff along on this journey, capturing stories via photo and video to share on social media.

Do the Next Good Thing has been featured in the Albany Times Union, Daily Gazette and the Troy Record. The story has also been broadcasted on Spectrum News Stations across the country and appeared on an episode of Inside Edition.

To follow Do the Next Good Thing, visit the DGNGT Facebook page.

Do The Next Good Thing (like the page!)…For a few years now I’ve spent a lot of time on Facebook preaching the benefits of love and kindness and hope. All of it was from the heart, a product of a changed man that spent far too long living a life unworthy of what I wanted to be, and desperately making up for lost time. Early in my life I let fear guide my actions, most predominately a fear of being judged by others. No longer. I live my life with intent, knowing it could end at any moment. I live from my heart, trying to follow a moral compass, and correcting any missteps in the present. In my heart is a passion for helping people. And helping this crazy, chaotic world we are living in. It feels like swimming upstream most days, but we shouldn’t wait for the time to be right to act. Act when it is needed. I want to live each and every day doing the next good thing. And part of that is encouraging other people to live that way as well. Today is September 26th. It would have been my sister Laurie Bereza's 37th birthday. Before she passed away last year, she put together a bucket list of items, 100 things she wanted to do before she died. These were the last five, all with checkmarks next to them.- be a good friend- smile every day- forget about petty details- be happy- love and cherish lifeWhat words to live by from someone who had all the reasons in the world to not think way. Do The Next Good Thing is dedicated to Laurie. For her growth as a person, in her memory, and because I think about her each and every day. The project? It’s simple.I’m going to give away $50,000 of my own money over the next 365 days to random people in the Capital Region (and wherever I may be travelling). Because who you identify most with does not matter to me. How you treat others does. Love is the Remedy to all things, right? I’ve realized that it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. Talk is cheap. Actions are real. It’s time to try and make the world a better place. This project intends to put some faces to random acts of kindness. A face on those that give, and on those that receive. It is okay to be kind, and I propose we spend more time thinking about how to do just that. I’ve been lucky enough to find some good friends at Two Buttons Deep that see the importance and potential of such a theory and have jumped on board. They’re guidance, creativity, and professionalism is awesome, and I’m genuinely excited for you to see what’s about to happen. And the best part? I really want everyone else to get involved. If you were one of the first 100 people to like the page, you’re getting $100 to randomly give away to someone. The rest of it? I have no idea, we will make it up as we go. I’m not silly enough to think that $100 will change anyone’s life. I am optimistic enough to believe that we can change perspectives. We can tell stories that give people hope again. And isn’t that what we really need?Who is we? All of us. We are in this thing together. This thing called life. We live in incredibly challenging times and I do believe only love can help fix it. Welcome to an attempt at proving that.

Posted by Jeff Buell on Tuesday, September 26, 2017