Enter to Win The Corona ‘Build Your Beach’ Sweepstakes

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: patio season.

Two Buttons Deep has teamed up with Corona to transform someone’s backyard with our Build Your Own Beach Sweepstakes. Enter for a chance to revamp your favorite outdoor space into your personal beach with a Grand Prize of $4,000 and a whole bunch of Corona gear to the winner.

Whether you kick back in a yard, or on a porch, rooftop or terrace, tell us how you would step up your stoop and carve out a slice of paradise right here in #UpstateNY. Submit your story and what you would do to build your beach at http://twobuttonsdeep.com/beach before June 30th to enter.

From now until June 30, you can submit an entry explaining to us why you deserve the $4,000 and what exactly you’d do to transform your outdoor space into a true oasis to go #ButtonsDeep all summer long. You can enter to win HERE, and you can stay tuned on next steps at twobuttonsdeep.com/beach. Read the terms and conditions here.

If you are unable to access our Google Form to enter, please send your submissions to Jack@TwoButtonsDeep.com. Include your story about your current situation and what you want to do with it, any photos or videos you can share to showcase it, and your Instagram/social media handle.



Enter Now!