I’m 100% Team Michele Riggi

You would do the exact same thing if this happened to you, except the only difference is nobody would care.

Here is the Best of the Internet from Game of Thrones Last Night

Spoilers below***...

What Does The Capital Region Love Most About Their Mothers?

Thanks to CDTA for getting us there!

How The Hell Did I Not Make Taylor’s Best Dressed List????

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

In Eco-friendly Effort, Schenectady Tries to Ban Plastic Straws

Listen, I get it. I do (now).

I Went Ten (Really Quick) Questions Deep With Marc from OAR

Thanks to our friends at 99.5 The River for the chance to head backstage and interview some musical geniuses who paid a visit to the 518.

The Jack or John Show – A Winning & Losing Weekend Update

Stories from the ups and downs of two young men living their best life in the Capital Region.

The 2BD Spring Booze Cruise Recap

Thanks for following along and we hope to see you all at our next event!

Patroons Are Hosting The TBL Championship Game Tonight In Albany

The Washington Avenue Armory might be the loudest place in the state tonight.

We Are Four Days Away From The Two Buttons Deep Spring Booze Cruise. I Repeat. Four Days Away.

We have the only booze cruise boat in the Capital Region (cause, ya know) and the Capital Region’s DJ OF THE YEAR dropping tunes all night.

Latest Original Videos

Circle Jerking is a Painstaking Process


Recently I made another batch of my world famous Circle Jerk and I let a camera crew tag along. It’s hard to explain what goes into the process when I’m cranking out my meat. So instead of telling you I have video evidence.

I started jerking on a large scale about a year and a half ago and I whole heartedly believe that I have the best product out there. It’s a three-day 20-plus hour process that requires precision and a BAC of .09. If one of those numbers are off then the outcome goes to shit.


I dare you to try what I’m slinging. Like the ad says on my podcast you can find me on street corners, local watering holes and on the Two Buttons Deep booze cruise in 2 weeks. I will give a free sample to anyone who uses the code “John” to get their Booze Cruise ticket. 

Ten Questions Deep with Maria Perreca Papa

Like I’ve said before, I always get just a touch nervous before shooting a new episode of 10QD. I’m prepping, hoping my questions (and my hair/outfit combo) are on point, and most of all, praying I have a stellar guest lined up who will carry the show for me if all of the prior things fail.

But, as soon as I walked in the front door of More Perreca’s in Schenectady, I didn’t even have time to say, “Salut!” before all of those worries disappeared.

“I can’t believe you picked ME to interview,” Maria Papa said. She did her homework on 2BD and immediately started talking about how we are so cool and hip, which I  appreciated because we are definitely cool and hip. But what she didn’t understand is that she, too, is cool and hip. Perreca’s has a 105-year history of baking the most amazing bread in the Capital Region, and perhaps the most amazing bread in the entire world. What could be cooler than that? She was so truly, honestly excited to be a guest on Ten Questions Deep and share the Perreca’s story (and lots of bread and treats) with our entire crew and it shows in this latest episode of the show.

It’s been so amazing being able to interview complete and total girl bosses on 10QD. Maria is as energetic and passionate as she is down to earth, and the warmth you feel not only from their coal-fired oven, but from the entire atmosphere inside the restaurant and bakery, is enough to make you feel as cozy as a dish of grandma-style chicken parm.


Check out the latest episode of Ten Questions Deep sponsored by Crossgates Mall, and keep an eye out for more stuff worth talking about right here on 2BD. (PS: shout to the lovely Alex Cook at Alexandria’s Beauty Salon who made me look like a 2019 version of Carmela Soprano with this hair look to match my ZARA threads).


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