The Squadcast – July 21 (Gary Dake)

Live from the Inn at Five Points in Downtown Saratoga.

Someone Added Juggling Balls to Deangelo Vickers Routine From The Office and it is Hilarious

The Office would’ve never existed in our soft society today.

We Have a Winner for Our First Ever Fashion Friday Competition

We’re taking the Capital Region’s Best Dressed list to a new level where one person will be crowned champion each week.

What Does Your Boss Think You’re Doing While You’re At The Track?

It’s 11AM on a Thursday, do you know where your employees are?

The Squadcast – July 14 (Rex Smith, Madison Vandenburg)

After two years of hard work, and basically throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks, this show is the beginning of my vision being fulfilled.

Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

Rounding up the best local looks of the week right here on Two Buttons Deep, brought to you by ZARA at Crossgates Mall.

I Have a Secret to Tell You About the Most Popular Outfit I Have Ever Worn

You’re not going to believe where I found this ‘fit.

2BD Will Be Broadcasting From The Saratoga Race Track All Summer Long

If you don’t know what button by button is, this is it.

Latest Original Videos

Big Announcement: Two Buttons Deep and Brown’s Brewing Are Collaborating On A New IPA

Another week, another big announcement for the squad. We are excited to announce that Two Buttons Deep is collaborating with Brown’s Brewing Company for their next IPA, which will be formally titled #ButtonsDeepIPA. This beer is part of their hashtag series, for which they release limited edition beers named with hashtags to stay #cool with millennials and we are lucky to be the namesake for the next one.

I’m super hyped this came to fruition, I’ve been a fan of Brown’s Brewing for a long time. In fact, I wrote about them when they released their new line of cans (which our beer will now be in) back in 2017:

The first time I ever stepped foot in Brown’s was about 8 years ago on a field trip in high school. I had a questionable biker-chick teacher who took us off to beaten path just to take us there to eat on her own agenda, and it was incredible. As curious high school kids we roamed the depths of their in-house brewery and we even stumbled upon the merchandise stock room with the door open ajar. We each stole a t-shirt and I wore it loud and proud long before the day my lips were ever allowed to say the words, “I’ll take a beer.”

I don’t have that shirt anymore, but I have my own beer named after our company, so that’s a glow up if I’ve ever seen one. All I can say is that if our beer is anything like Cherry Razz, my proclaimed favorite beer in the world (and I’m not just gassing them up) then I plan to buy all 16,000 cans for the 2BD HOF.

This beer will be 6.25% ABV with All Idaho Hops with notes of fruit forward, dank, juicy, smooth, easy to drink with a clean finish. Just the way I like it. Stay tuned. 

Ten Questions Deep with Times Union Editor Rex Smith

Ten Questions Deep is like, my 60 Minutes. And the best part about being able to host this show is to have the opportunity to sit down with some seriously high profile people and get a glimpse of what makes them passionate about whatever it is they’re doing here in the Capital Region. 

And someone like Rex Smith, the editor of the Albany Times Union, probably doesn’t give up a lot of those details on the reg. He’s booked in editorial meetings, predicting the future of print media, seeking the truth and reporting it fully, you get it –he’s a busy guy. But luckily, I’ve been getting on his good side since 2010 when I started the New Visions: Journalism & Media Studies program at the TU as a high school senior. Rex and I might not be as close as our guy Jimmy and Gary Dake, but I’m a pro at laying the groundwork.

I can honestly say since the day I started that program, I’ve known with 100 percent confidence what direction I wanted to take my career. And better yet, the TU has been there for me throughout my entire professional journey –from high school, to my first college internship, to years of freelance work, to now, the biggest step yet –where Two Buttons Deep has launched an incredible partnership with the TU to bring our Squadcast to the track this summer.

What better time to go Ten Questions Deep with Rex than right now, right? Right. Check out the latest episode of 10QD for a chance to get behind-the-scenes like we did of what it’s like to operate a major print newspaper in the digital age.

Thank you to our partners in fashion, ZARA at Crossgates Mall, and my glam girl at Alexandria’s Beauty Salon for makin’ my head of hair look almost as incredible as Rex’s. Oh, and thanks to John Longton III for all the b-roll you shot but that Jack said wasn’t good enough to use. Anyway….enjoy the video!

We Have a Winner for Our First Ever Fashion Friday Competition

Fashion Friday has been a ton of fun, and as I might’ve mentioned, it’s starting to take off here in the Capital Region just a lil’ bit. I hear whispers throughout the week from people who are just dying to make the list (OK, maybe not dying, but they’re excited), and my social media feed is getting more fashion-focused by the day with local people stepping up what’s in their closets and IG posts.

And with our new Squadcast happening this summer at one of the most historically fashionable places in the 518, the Saratoga Race Course, we thought it might be fun to step this list up a notch and turn it into a contest. Yeah, that’s right, a contest, with a true Fashion Friday winner! The top of the top in terms of who’s been named best dressed in the Capital Region for the week. A little friendly competition, NBD.

But don’t worry, as I said during week 1 when we debuted this new idea, there are absolutely NO losers here –that’s why I created a best dressed list instead of a worst dressed list, right? And plus, it’s not like I can fully entrust John and Jack to pick a winner on there own, so I will still be curating my favorite looks and having them narrow down based on my elevator pitch for each one.

So, this is how it’s going to go down: Fashion Friday will resume as usual every Friday afternoon thanks to our friends at ZARA at Crossgates Mall, and you can check out the nominees on the 2BD Instagram story and the 2BD blog right here. Then, during Saturday’s live taping in Saratoga, I’ll run through my list with the boys and they will VOTE on an official winner.** On Sunday evening when the Squadcast goes up on, you can watch and see who the true winner of Fashion Friday is for the week.

**I get to make the executive decision if I disagree, based on my fashion expertise over these silly squad members who are only just now stepping up their fashion game. Sorry not sorry ’bout it.

Cheers to our winner from week 1, Catherine Hover of the Palette Cafe! She will receive a gift card to ZARA so she can continue her summer in style. And that means it is officially game ON for the rest of you who have been wanting to see you name appear on the Best Dressed list. Now, with this added bonus of the true winner’s title plus some spending money for clothes, there’s no excuse you don’t try your damn hardest to get on my radar.

You can watch our Fashion Friday segment from Epsiode 1 of the Squadcast here:

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