An Update From Squad Member Jordan on Social Distancing

Take notes from Jordan who is practicing social distancing in the safest way possible. (Hint: staying the f*** home.)

Taylor Does June Farms

Taylor took a trip to June Farms for some fresh air and discovered what it’s like to be outdoorsy (kind of).

This Just In: Governor Cuomo is Going #ButtonsDeep During Coronavirus

Glad to see he’s keeping up to date with the Squad and living the Two Buttons Deep mentality during crisis.

From the 2BD Archive: Taylor Does Goat Yoga (2018)

We’re sharing some of the most classic 2BD videos to keep you entertained while you’re spending a little more time at home than usual.

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The Squad Reacts to Coronavirus Party Backlash at University at Albany

SUNY Albany students are facing harsh criticism and potential punishment over a Coronavirus-themed party held off-campus.

The 2BD Weekap: February 16-22

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Taylor Does June Farms

Taylor Does June Farms

We sent Taylor to June Farms to go on a “safari,” meet some new animals, and check out one of the coolest airbnb’s in Upstate NY. Visit to get your own breath of fresh air.

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Minutes with Marko – Don’t Ask Me To Do Pushups

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